Symptom Recovery Models (SRM) is a UNIQUE MODEL of Physical Therapy Continuing Education.

Symptom Recovery Models (SRM), developed by Dr. Sue Leger, is a highly effective Physical Therapy treatment model for achieving maximum results. The basics are ‘One on One’ intervention ratio, ‘Global Start Up’ for connecting Mind Body, balancing the Autonomic Nervous System, and opening and draining the body, moving into the precisely timed and sequenced ‘Multiple Component Cycle’ of treatment intervention for achieving optimal results.

SRM is offering high quality instructors teaching a wide variety of cutting edge Education for Healthcare. SRM uniquely targets the primary ‘Drivers’ of the body, while mobilizing and maximizing the ‘Vestibular’ connection, together producing functional changes well past traditional predictors of outcome.

Learn more about the unique single treatment component of MANUAL STRUCTURAL CORRECTION (MSC), and about the ‘Global Start Up’ and the ‘Multiple Component Cycle’ treatment of a SYMPTOM RECOVERY PROGRAM (SRP)!

If you are looking for GREATER and more IMMEDIATE PROGRESS.
SRM IS FOR YOU! Click here to learn more.